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Esteem team provides mobile dental and prosthetist services for nursing homes throughout all of the Gold Coast. As elderly residents become more dependent on the nursing staff, they are at risk of their oral health deteriorating in a short period of time if their daily oral hygiene is not maintained. Poor oral health can significantly affect a resident’s quality of life in many ways such as tooth loss, pain, a loss of self-esteem and social interaction, and difficulty in eating and swallowing. Furthermore, it is often difficult for residents to go to the dentist or the dental prosthetist for dental care, and the change in environment can be overwhelming.

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A simple protective oral health care regimen will maintain good oral health. This involves both regular brushing, as well as dental check-ups which our mobile dentist can perform in the resident’s own room where they are comfortable. New dentures may also be required, as the dentures can wear out and the shape of the gums and jaws can change. Our mobile prosthetist can perform examinations and try-ins of the relined or new denture at the nursing home, performing all the lab-work at the clinic. Thus, Esteem mobile services may be the best way to help maintain the oral health of residents, and chair or bed-bound patients.

All high care residents are seen by our visiting dentist 12 monthly, any low care resident who are immobile will also be seen. Low care residents can be seen by at our Dental clinic in Ashmore. For emergencies, our Dentist will visit the facility, prior to residents being seen by our dentist the following information must be completed and sent to our dental clinic: Resident's name, problem, Medicare & Pension number and a completed Medical/Dental History Form prior to a resident being seen by our dentist.

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