• Esteem Dental Care team provides mobile dental prosthetist services for nursing homes on the Gold Coast.
• Elderly residents in nursing homes are at risk of deteriorating oral health if daily oral hygiene is not maintained.
• Poor oral health can have various negative impacts on residents’ quality of life, including tooth loss, pain, loss of
self-esteem, and social interaction.
• Difficulty in eating and swallowing can also result from poor oral health.
• Going to a dental clinic for denture care can be challenging and overwhelming for nursing home residents.
• Esteem Dental Care team addresses these challenges by offering on-site dental prosthetist services for nursing home
• Their services aim to maintain and improve residents’ oral health, enhancing their overall well-being and quality of
• By providing mobile services, Esteem team eliminates the need for residents to travel to a dental clinic, reducing
stress and discomfort.
• The convenience of on-site dental care promotes regular check-ups and ensures timely denture adjustments and repairs.
• The presence of a dental prosthetist within the nursing home environment facilitates better communication and
coordination with the nursing staff.
• Esteem Dental Care team’s services contribute to a comprehensive approach to elderly care, emphasizing the importance of oral
health in overall health and well-being.

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Examinations and try-ins

• Regular brushing and dental check-ups are important for maintaining good oral health.
• New dentures may be needed due to wear and changes in the shape of gums and jaws.
• Mobile prosthetists from Esteem Dental Care can perform examinations and try-ins of relined or new dentures at the nursing home.
• Esteem mobile services are beneficial for maintaining oral health in residents who are chair or bed-bound.

When to be seen and what’s needed

Dental Prosthetist will visit the facility to provide dental care for immobile high care and low care residents.
Prior to the visit, the facility must complete and send the following information to the dental clinic:
• Resident’s name
• Room number
• Main concern and other relevant information regarding the resident’s dental needs
• Completed Medical/Dental History Form for the resident
This information is necessary to ensure proper care and treatment during the visit by the Dental Prosthetist.

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Esteem team provides mobile dental prosthetist services for nursing homes throughout all of the Gold Coast.

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